U Got it! Flaunt it! Cherie & Rachel

This shoot came about purely by chance. The two girls were hanging with a group of guys and generally having a wild time but I could tell that they’d had a few. Cherie, the blonde, saw me doing a photoshoot and without any reservations marched up to me and asked what I was doing. I explained the situation thinking there may be a chance she might get a bit hostile but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Her face lit up with a broad grin and she turned and hollered to her friend Rachel to come over and give it a go. I had finished my shoot anyhow with the previous girl so was able to get straight to it. I must admit, they were pretty merry on the alcohol but not so much they were falling over or couldn’t understand me lol. The shoot was a lot of fun as they both were completely into it and just kept on laughing.