U Got it! Flaunt it! Katrina

It’s a small world! I’m walking down the strip one night when I spot a gorgeous blonde dressed in a skimpy black mini skirt and top handing out tickets for a nightclub. I just have to talk to her but as I start to introduce myself she tells me that we’ve met before! I suddenly recognize her from a shoot I did with three years ago in Malia, and shout out her name. That makes her burst out laughing, and she gives me a big hug. The truth is that she looked even hotter than I remembered, and I was eager to have her to pose for us again. Katrina was more than happy to do another shoot, and we spend the rest of the evening catching up on what she’s been doing since we last met. I was very impressed when Katrina showed up the next day as she really thought about the shoot. She brought a few outfits to add variety to the pictures and knew how she wanted to pose. I took longer with this shoot than any other I’ve done as I wanted to take the time to get the very best