U Got it! Flaunt it! Sammi & Friends

I was out on one of my beach patrols once again when I spotted Sammi reading a book. I couldn’t help but notice that she was already topless, and I was very impressed with her boobs. When I started talking to her she seemed a bit hesitant about the whole idea of posing but with the way she looked I wasn’t going to give up easily. I even invited her friends to join us so that Sammi wouldn’t feel anxious being on her own. Thankfully her friends all decided to give it a go, so we made our way to our spot for a shoot. I started with a group shoot first and initially the girls looked a bit insecure when posing but after a while they seemed to realise it was all in good fun and became comfortable. Sammi also started to become more confident as this point and started leading the group. After that it was time for a solo set with Sammi, where nerves were still showing a little bit but she did very well and in the end I think all the girls enjoyed the experience.