U Got it! Flaunt it! Sarah 22

I arrive early in Malia, Crete, tired from the flight but excited and keen to get on with things. There doesn’t appear to be too many people on the beach so instead I decide to go and check out some potential shoot locations while waiting for the place to get busy. Just as I’m about to turn around and head in a different direction I spot two girls on sunbeds, one of whom, Sarah, is topless. Although her hair is tied up she looks naturally good looking so I’m thinking time to introduce myself and ask her to pose. She says she will do a shoot but asks if we can go somewhere quieter. Of course I’m fine with this as I want to check out some shoot locations anyway. Once we get going with the set she is actually very enthusiastic and I love her cheeky little smile. I had a great time shooting Sarah, she was funny, sexy and chatty. I enjoyed her feedback too on how she now felt more confident and sexier